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TeamOrb commercial wireless Internet access pricing.

Commercial Fee Estimator - 2.4 GHz Service

Rates effective 01-Feb-2004. For residential users, click here.




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  • The monthly service fee is for a direct Internet connection with unlimited usage is an estimate only. Prices will be greater for networks with more than fifty computers or networks with unusually high traffic, such as high-volume commerce or information servers. Transmission rates shown above represent maximum sustainable speeds. Actual speed may vary depending on a variety of factors including overall bandwidth demands on wireless connections, other Internet traffic, and the demands on resources at sites visited. Click here for more information.
  • Customer-end equipment supplied by TeamOrb remains the property of TeamOrb. This equipment must be returned to TeamOrb upon discontinuation of service.
  • Actual bandwidth speed may vary depending on a variety of factors including overall bandwidth demands on wireless connections, other Internet traffic, and the demands on resources at sites visited. This is true for all Internet service providers. Click here for more information.
  • The installation charge is a one-time, non-refundable fee based upon the length of customer's contract commitment with TeamOrb and applies to customers within current service area with line-of-sight access to our main radio receiver using a mast antenna of not more than forty feet in height. Installations which require a higher antenna are possible but an installation fee greater than calculated above may apply. Installation includes radio connection to your computer or LAN. Customer is responsible for configuration of customer's computers and other network devices. TeamOrb will furnish required configuration information. Additional charges may apply to installations outside of current service areas. Firm price quotes will be submitted to and agreed upon by customer before commencement of any installation work.
  • A service contract containing detailed terms of service must be signed and the one-time setup fee paid by the customer prior to the installation and start of service. Monthly service fees are paid electronically and automatically each month from the customer's bank account. An additional fee of $5.00 per month will apply to any customer who desires to pay for service other than by electronic means. A reconnection fee of $50.00 will apply to any account terminated for non-payment.
  • TeamOrb also offers residential Internet, web site hosting, e-mail account services, point-to-point bridging between remote LAN locations, and wireless networking within buildings. If you require any of these services, contact us for a price quote.

PLEASE NOTE: All service and setup fees may change at any time without notice. Rates for customers with signed contracts will not change during the contract term. Rates for customers without contracts (month-to-month) will change effective the first day of the month following TeamOrb's adoption of a new rate structure.

About this page . . . for the curious:
  • The rate calculator uses a simple JavaScript applet which runs on your computer when this web page is loaded. It does not permanently store anything on your computer and does not make any changes to your computer. Once the page is closed, the applet closes.
  • The monthly service fee is affected by three variables: (1) the number of computers on your network (more computers consume more resources, which is offset by us with higher fees), (2) the length of your commitment to TeamOrb (the longer, the better . . .  for both of us), and (3) the need for speed (the greater your connection speed, the more capacity we need which, again, we offset with higher fees). A basic service fee for a month-to-month commitment  is calculated by applying a multiplier (currently .2540) to a number (expressed in dollars) equal to the subscribed connection rate (expressed in kilobytes per second).  The product, rounded to the nearest dollar, is the basic service fee.  For example, the basic service fee for a 256 Kbps connection is $65 (256*.2540=65). The basic fee so calculated goes down for longer service commitments (8% for a one year term, 16% for two year term, and 24% for three year term), and up for larger networks (15% for two to five, 30% for six to ten, 40% for eleven to twenty, and 50% for twenty-one to fifty computers).
  • The one-time setup fee is affected by the same three variables. However, the setup fee goes down with longer commitments and with more speed (because we can amortize our initial setup costs with the higher monthly service fees that come with more speed and the total increase in revenue that comes with long contract commitments).  The setup fee still goes up, however, with larger networks (more computers need more equipment). The highest setup fee is $900 for a 256 Kbps connection, with nine or more computers, and service on a month-to-month basis.  For a nine or more computer network, the service fee is reduced by $50 for each increase in the available bandwidth level and $100 for each year of service commitment. When compared to a nine or more computer network with the same service level and contract commitment, the service fee for one computer is reduced by 50% and the service fee for a network with two to eight computers is reduced by 25%.
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