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TeamOrb offers the following services for your home or business:

wireless high-speed networking dedicated high-speed Internet access
web site hosting and email virtual private networking
domain name registration web site design and maintenance

TeamOrb offers high-speed, dedicated (7x24) wireless networking and Internet access for both commercial and residential users. Commercial networking between bridge locations and client access points is accomplished at rates of up to 11 Megabits per second (Mbps) over distances of up to 25 miles in line-of-sight applications using the 2.4GHz frequency. Residential users can subscribe for rates of up to 1.54 Mbps at distances of up to 5 miles in non-line-of-sight applications using the 900 MHz frequency. In both cases these rates are for both uploading and downloading.

TeamOrb wireless services are significantly faster than dial-up services and almost the same cost!

TeamOrb Uses "WaveRider" last-mile technology.  TeamOrb's CCU3000 base station and EUM3003 end-user modems by WaveRider allow us to deliver broadband speeds to residential and commercial customers, non-line-of-sight connections and indoor antennas. This technology enables TeamOrb to deliver Internet connections and services via a single fixed wireless system that operates in the license-exempt 900 MHz spectrum. Featuring industry-leading non-line-of-sight capabilities, the WaveRider technology is the most flexible and scalable fixed wireless system available today.

LMS4000 Carrier-class Features:

900 MHz Non-Line-of-Sight Components:

900 MHz Service Area: The following map has as its center the Pine Center at the corner of Ninth and Pine Streets, downtown Rolla, Missouri.  Red areas may be serviced with an indoor antenna; yellow areas may be serviced with outdoor antenna. Black rings are in increments of 1 mile radii. For residential pricing information, click here.

A wireless network operates just like a wired network, using all of the same technologies such as Ethernet and TCP/IP, but without copper wire or other cable. Instead, wireless networks use high frequency radio  waves (in the 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz bands) to send and transmit data between computers, devices, and other networks.

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Point-to-Point wireless bridging can be used to connect your remote sites into one LAN without wires.

Most networks use twisted pairs of copper wire (similar to the wire used to supply phone service to your home or office) or other wire cables (such as coaxial cable) to connect computers and other devices together.  In fact, when you use a computer modem to "dial-up" your local Internet service provider, you probably use your telephone line to make the connection through the phone company's central office switch.

Wire works fine in an office setting when distances between computers and other equipment are short. Such networks in fact are capable of transferring data at speeds in excess of 100 Mbps. When wire lengths increase, however, as when the network to which you want to connect is in a different building or across town, or when you want a connection to the Internet, high speed data transfer can only be achieved with special equipment and/or cables, for example, cable modems using coaxial cable, or Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) using special modems and dedicated digital, wire connections. Even then, high data transmission speeds are often limited by distance restrictions and the connections must still pass through the phone company (or other utility service provider), which will charge for the use of its infrastructure.

Our radios transmit data using direct sequence/spread spectrum technology which, being less susceptible to interference, makes them ideal for high speed and secure data communications. We connect to your site directly over the "airwaves" and, thus, there are no phone company or other line charges to be paid by you for your connection.

TeamOrb can use wireless technology to connect your remote offices together as though they were all in one building and on the same internal Local Area Network (LAN). Likewise, TeamOrb can provide you with dedicated, high-speed, direct, and wireless access to the Internet.

TeamOrb uses high performance e-mail servers to ensure proper handling of your electronic transmissions.  E-mail can be handled retrieved, sent and managed by the POP3 client of your choice (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, etc.) or using any browser from anywhere you have Internet access through a web-based HTTP interface.  All e-mail is scanned for viruses in real time using RAV scanning technology.  Our servers automatically check for new virus pattern data files two times per day, seven days a week, so our virus definitions are always up-to date.  In addition, we actively block unwanted and unsolicited bulk commercial e-mail (spam) using blacklist databases at and  Together, these blacklists allow us to filter out hundreds of spam messages every day, protecting you from the inconvenience of sorting through the "junk." If you have questions about these services, or are concerned that your legitimate messages are being blocked, contact

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